A Cup of Water in the Night

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A Cup of Water in the Night

Here’s an interesting question:

If your spouse woke you up in the middle of the night and asked for a cup of water, would you get it for them without question? Would you first want to know if they were ill, or something else was keeping them from getting up and getting it on their own?

What, are those arms painted on??

Seriously, it’s all about trust, isn’t it? Is he trying to exploit me? Does he know how important my sleep is to me? Has he proved in other moments that he would help me? Would I retreive a cup of water for him, unchallenged?

I heard a story recently told by a man describing a time early in his marriage when he wanted to take a job far away from his wife’s family and friends. He was frustrated that she didn’t support the move. Many years later, he couldn’t imagine even asking his wife to give up those relationships that were important to her, AND, his wife couldn’t imagine not allowing him the opportunities the move would have given. Clearly, they show signs of building trust over the years and mutual respect. They came to trust each other with the other’s well-being and best interests.

Caution: Open Communication RequiredI’m pretty sure this is something that happens over time… with practice.

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