Resolve… Fast! (the basic idea)

You think it's good?

I can count on one hand how many times in the last 20 years I have fallen asleep angry at my husband.

It’s probably a record or something.

I remember the first time it happened, because later that night, I woke up crying hard from a terrible and realistic nightmare where Rick hated me and was leaving. So sad! Once he was able to talk me down, we found it fairly easy to resolve whatever we’d been angry about.

In the Bible, there exists a simple sentence that goes like this, “Don’t let the sun set on your anger.”

We decided to implement this idea. I even remember times when one or the other of us was trying to pull off “the silent treatment”, only to have the other threaten to stay up all night if they didn’t start talking out the issue at hand.

Here’s how this should work:
1. You have a disagreement.
2. One or both of you get angry when it isn’t resolved right away.
3. If you’re angry enough, you retreat to separate corners thinking hard about how unfair the other person, then realize you’re probably being unfair, too.
4. One or both of you decide to resolve the issue…*

*This generally happens slowly or quickly depending on the maturity of the individuals involved.

Caution: Open Communication RequiredConsider this idea: If you love someone, you should be willing to look at things from their perspective. You should be willing to imagine things through their eyes, right? Can you see why they hold the opinion they do? Because you love and respect them, can you imagine a universe where they might be sort of right?

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