Pay Now or Pay Later

You think it's good?

Back when we were just young pups, and our kids were little, we met with a very wise mentor who asked, “Have you been going out and spending time together away from your kids?”

Most young parents recognize the need (or at least the desire) to get away for an evening together occasionally. We certainly did, but we answered his question with, “We’d love to get out on a date, but dates and babysitters are expensive…” Well, at that time, said mentor happened to be going through a divorce. His immediate response to our excuse was…


Speechless. Never have words resonated more. And never has a lesson stood out in our memory in such stark contrast. Our mentor, broken by the circumstances that had spilled into his life, was now spending his days dividing his whole life, his love, all his assets, and his time with his children. He hadn’t invested in his relationship with his wife, and she drifted away.

SO… get that sitter! Be intentional! Don’t put off going out for a quick pizza and a laugh! Google “great cheap date ideas”! And, if you don’t have kids yet, get in the groove of planning fun times together away from distractions (tv, electronic devices in general, other family or friends), so if/when those trouble-making babies do come along, you’ll already know how to keep your love healthy! By the way, I promise, those babies will notice as they grow older that their parents love one another (which will be different than what they’ll see at many of their friend’s houses), and they will be grateful for it.

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