You think it's good?

This one’s gonna be touchy.

I’m going to say it anyway. Ladies and Gentlemen both: try to look good for each other.

I will now make a couple of sweeping generalizations:
• Women seem to get turned on when their man does/says things to make them feel loved.
• Men seem to get turned on… well, all the time and for a variety of reasons, but often by visual stimulation.

I already made a few suggestions for the menfolk here. Now, I want to talk to the ladies. I know it seems like it shouldn’t matter what we look like, that our mates should love us unconditionally, no matter what. We want them to love our personality, our soul, our heart, what matters to us… all while we wear our baggiest sweatpants and blow off working out and eating right. Sorry sisters, but I think that’s completely unfair.

If we know, and I think we do, that men are wired to appreciate beauty, are we really loving them when we aren’t trying to look nice for them? Are we expecting them to love us without any love in return?

I think some women intentionally use “respect for a woman’s mind” as a paper-thin excuse to let themselves go – when the real issue is something else: lack of discipline, lazyness, or worse — wounds from past abuses that haven’t been cleaned out and allowed to heal.

So, try not to be offended, and take a minute to look in the mirror. I really don’t think men expect women to look like supermodels — I think they just appreciate the effort.

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