Don’t Make Him/Her the Adventure…


You think it's good?

…embark on Adventure together!

What I mean by that is, I’m really glad that I am not my husband’s adventure. I am not THE Big, Exciting, Fulfilling Thing in his life. Yes, our relationship is important to both of us, but we want to go on an adventure together. We want to find a focus, and work toward it together – that’s THE Adventure.

I’m almost positively certain that most romantic relationships start with making the other person THE Adventure… ours definitely did. Being newly in love feels pretty epic. But, it’s probably not healthy to stay there, and maybe that’s why so many marriages fail in the first few years..? Maybe once the shiny-new-person goggles wear off, and you realize you’re really only married to another human being (and not a God or Goddess), you could easily conclude that you married the wrong person, or that someone better is out there.

As good “Partners” should, find something meaningful to both of you, and work toward that together. Rick and I have, over the years, had many adventures: raising children, starting a business, traveling… the Adventure doesn’t have to be building an orphanage in a third world country. It’s anything that you embark on together, that involves both of you working toward, and a little risk. AND, it could be the risk helps keep the spark alive, too.

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