“Still a Believer in Marriage”

You think it's good?

We came across this in the paper a couple days ago…

Dear Abby: Divorce

So… wow, right?

Makes me wonder first, what sort of business are these people working at? Then, what gender were they? All men? All women? Mixed? That’s gotta be an anomaly, right?

I hope so. I hope people aren’t mostly this discouraged with their home lives. I can only guess at the reasons: our disposable culture, breakdown of common courtesy, economics… It’s hard to hold that hope.

But (“Everyone always has a big but.” – PeeWee Herman), I DO HAVE HOPE. I do believe that being self sacrificial changes people. I do believe people can become more aware of themselves and others. I absolutely believe that people can be and do great things, and can rise to the occasion. I hope that some little seemingly inconsequential idea we’re talking about in this blog will spark, smolder, and be fanned into flame.

I hope it makes a difference.

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