Day in the Life

You think it's good?

Is it okay to just write about today?

Today, I’m a 44-year-old woman who woke up thinking about finances, making lunch, and whether or not my son needed cough medicine before school. I tried to think of ways to help him remember all the crazy things he has to remember about highschool. I thought about how my daughter signed up for classes at the community college yesterday, and I was glad. And, I thought about a conversation with my sweetheart last night about how we could (and probably should) pay less attention to the news, and more attention to the positive things in our life — things that are “actionable”, as Rick likes to say. Things we can do something about (like finding ways for Sam to manage his homework!).

These are the minutia that fill the heads of mothers everywhere. Good nutrition, getting enough sleep, exercising, what to make for dinner, laundry, picking up/dropping off… ..

Then, I realized how grateful I am that I have a partner. How much more difficult all of these swirling items would be faced alone, or worse, faced in the midst of battling an adversary! Maybe that’s reason enough to fight the good fight of learning how to communicate and love one another better.

That’s all.

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